Décor Review: Blushing Blooms as Eunice Welcomes David Home


By Robert K James

If you knew them for being sophisticated with their décor, here’s is a set of decorations by Giselda Sensation that will perhaps change your mind. What they bring to the table not only depends on the kind of function but also your needs and desires as a client—and more importantly your budget.

On Saturday 18th January 2020, Giselda Sensation set the venue for Eunice to welcome her better half David home for their kukyala in Kiteezi.

For Eunice and David’s pre-visit, it was a blushing blooms aboard. The vibrant colors in the setup added a “cheerful aesthetic, detailed with a mélange of peonies, lilies, tulips and verdant green for this cultural ceremony set to mark the beginning of their love journey”.

According to Giselda Sensation, Eunice as a bride “is fascinated by bright colors, low table focal settings and a touch of the African” style and it’s no surprise that they used “gold and peach to match her warm and cheerful nature”.

Here are some photos: