Sarah’s Introduction Décor Is Testimony That Black Has Been A Trendy Colour In 2019 Ugandan Weddings

At the genesis of 2019, one of my bosses used photos of black wedding cakes to tell me how black was going to be a trendy colour across Ugandan weddings in 2019. I must be honest, I was hesitant to believe his prediction for I thought otherwise despite black being one of my favourite colours.

Yet here we are, and everything is almost as he predicted it. Sarah’s introduction ceremony décor is another testament of how dark is been one of the trendy colours throughout the year.

Sarah’s kwanjula décor is testimony that black has been a trendy colour in 2019 Ugandan weddings. It was as mesmerizing as any wedding decorations can be—and once again, 1608 Niche Designs was at the center of the craft and venue setup. “Sarah’s enchanted introduction,” they called it.

It was black, gold and her love for nature exhibited in green for the traditional wedding décor in Kira, in Mukono District. It was quite beautiful. See photos here by Dynamic Wedding Photography:




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