Wilber Photography CEO Kasoma Wilber Introduced By Fiancée

Priscilla introduces Wilber

When you find that true love, you don’t want to let go of that person. Priscilla and Wilber have found true love and holding onto what they have is what this beautiful couple have done.

Earlier on, Priscilla Ann hosted her significant other at her parents’ home in an elegant kukyala ceremony (first visit).

And on Thursday 19th September 2019, she introduced her fiancée, Wilber Kasoma, the CEO of Wilber Photography to the rest of her family members, relatives and friends at a successful traditional wedding ceremony.

The customary wedding of the two lovebirds was graced with the presence of the lead preacher at House of Prayer Ministries, Pastor Aloysius Bujingo. And as the case was for their engagement photo shoot, Dynamic Wedding Photography were present to capture the moments.

Priscilla introduces Wilber via mikolo.com



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