This Is What Perfection Looks Like, Shem & Evelyn’s Wedding Decor At Speke Resort Munyonyo

Shem and Evelyn's wedding decor via

By Robert K James

If you ever wondered what perfection looks like, today is your lucky day to have a proper gaze at it. Saturday July 6th 2019 was the day, Speke Resort Munyonyo was the venue as Shem and Evelyn celebrated their union in a showstopping white wedding and their décor was nothing but perfect.

Out of the many indoor venues at the 5-star resort, the lovely couple chose the classic Victoria Ballroom (often booked even a year in advance) and then capped their pick with Catahena Decor and Wedding Planners for their decoration.

You really need to see what they did with the place. The Victoria Ballroom is always beautiful even before it’s decorated, now imagine after. The venue was lit up with well decorated flowers of different types, and we won’t be surprised to learn that some guest didn’t leave voluntarily.

It was a white setup with shades of nature inspired green and a touch of gold that turned the indoor reception into a stunning venue. The bridal gazebo was quite magnificent in its simplistic sophistication.

Shem and Evelyn's wedding decor via

The Bridal Gazebo

Shem and Evelyn's wedding decor via