11 Important Things To Consider When Picking Your Bridal Cars

By Raymond Mujuni

I find wedding planning a fun thing to do on a daily basis and I will tell you for a fact that many couples enjoy their planning process as well. Personally, the aspects of wedding planning that I enjoy the most are cake and food tasting. I love cake…who doesn’t anyway?

The other aspect I never get enough of as an event planner is the wedding car selection because it can be equally fun. While it is fun, it is also important because there is a lot out there and if you’ve been wondering where to start from, here are a few things you ought to take into account while you embark on finding the perfect fleet for your wedding day.

Price and budget: These are the major determinants of what type or brand of cars you will book for your wedding day. This is the time when “what you want will quickly differ from what you can afford” in terms of your budget unless you’re working on an open budget, which is of course often not the case. Over a year ago, Samson Kakaire opted for Mercedes Benz C-Class sedans when he failed to afford the Range Rover SUVs that he had really wanted for his wedding.

Size matters: Before you even embark on a journey of visiting any bridal car hire company, be sure to know the size of your entourage in addition to anyone else you may wish to provide transport for on that particular day such as the parents of the bride and groom. The number of passengers will help you determine the size and type of car and how many to hire. Traditionally, the bride is expected to arrive for the wedding ceremony with her parents and leave with her husband after the vows have been exchanged but lately, the bridal party arrives together.

Leg room: It’s important that a bride and groom along with their bridal party travel in comfort. But for that goal to be achieved, leg room must be considered. It would be extremely absurd for the couple and their entourage to be cramped. Most Mercedes cars have enough leg room except for the Compressor.

Time: Time is a factor that many couples tend to overlook but it is important because some chauffeurs work per hour. Most assume that once they have booked a fleet with drivers, they will be there all day until the entire function is done. Much as it used to be the common practice, times have since changed and it’s important to ask your service provider about this, just to be sure. As a client, remember to state the time you need the cars just to avoid delays.

Theme: Most weddings in the 21st century are designed based on themes. It could be a rustic vintage or modern wedding, whatever it is you may want to choose a car that resonates with your theme yet still depict your personality.

Your wedding dress: While you may want a car that depicts your theme or reflects your personality, it would be absurd to pick a beautiful two seat car that cannot contain your wedding dress. Although you may want to ride in a Jaguar one wedding day, such a car will not suit a bride with a big wedding dress.

Mercedes Benz - Adonai Group via mikolo.com

Time of the year: Some seasons are quite busy, therefore if your function is in the peak season, the earlier you book the better. It would be such a disappointment to be told that the car of your choice cannot be got after everything else has been made ready.

Location of the function: Location for the function i.e. church, photo shoot site and reception must all be taken into account. For example, if you’re to have your church ceremony at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Namirembe with the reception in Namusera, Wakiso, that could cost more for fuel, yet the idea of changing venues will be unrealistic

Fuel consumption: The more a car consumes regarding fuel, the higher its hire price. Ntambi advises couples, who want to lower expenses, to refrain from cars such as Range Rovers as these consume a lot of fuel. Look at the boot of the car to see the numeric inscription of the fuel consumption; those with an inscription of 2.5L or 3L do not consume much.

Weather: Whereas it’s hard for one to predict the weather of a given day, the season should be taken into account. Much as we consider rain to be a blessing, it is often the creeping nightmare that sometimes gets brides shading tears especially when they are having an outdoor venue. For example, why would you want to drive in a convertible during the rainy season?

Black convertible from Adonai Group via mikolo.com

Backup plan: Always ask the company you are using if they have a backup vehicle available in case of any mishaps on the day, particularly if you have chosen a classic or vintage vehicle. Nothing will make up for the distress and upset caused by a vehicle failure.

Note: Remember to ask as many questions as you can afford to—to your preferred bridal car service provider to get both as much information as possible and peace of mind. Be aware of car hire companies that may offer their vehicles at very low prices that seem too good to be true. Trust me you wouldn’t want to have something substandard or even worse be stood-up on your wedding day.

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