Inside Rema Namakula’s Gomesi Collection For Traditional Weddings

Rema Namakula via

By Robert K James

For over a couple years now, music sensation Rema Namakula with her beautiful signature smile that is prettified with dimples has graced couples’ weddings, both white and traditional with stunning performances.

In fact, when we asked our followers on Facebook about which Rema songs they would wish to be played or performed at their wedding, and they didn’t hesitate to list some of these.

Among them was Sibyamukisa, Akaliro, Lean on me, Atuuse, Oli wange, Yo sweet, Muchuzi, Tikula among others. It’s these platinum tunes that make her a darling for wedding holders to perform at their functions.

But while she shows up to bring the X-factor to these events, a sense of culture and style is one detail that never eludes her. Weekend after weekend, she continues to deliver thrilling performances in elegant fashion, donned in beautiful gomesis, most of which are from Kushona Fashion Designers.

Today, we take you inside Rema‘s gomesi wardrobe that she opens for every traditional wedding function.