Wilber and Priscilla Ann Star In Their Engagement Photo Shoot

Kasoma Wilber & Priscila Ann via mikolo.com

By Robert K James

Just thinking out loud, in my wildest of thoughts; that if Wilber and Priscilla had any intention of treating us to a mini-episode of fashion during their engagement photo shoot, they surely nailed it. They did it with finesse.

Wilber Kasoma, the proprietor of Wilber Photography and his fiancé Priscilla Ann starred in their engagement shoot with Dynamic Wedding Photography.

Wilber looked dapper in his perfect fit red suit that had black lapels while Ann kicked off the session with a long sleeved and choker neck orange dress. She looked extremely stunning.

And when it came to pop the question, Ann clearly didn’t see it coming, because for all she knew, it was just another photo shoot with his photographer lover, who showed up moments later after she had posed for a couple of cool shots.

Just so you know, she said “Yes”.

Makeup by: Pelah’s Glam [Facebook name]

Kasoma Wilber & Priscila Ann via mikolo.com Kasoma Wilber & Priscila Ann via mikolo.com