Abbey and Lelia’s Garden Themed Wedding Décor By Catahena

Abbey and Lelia's wedding decor via

Indeed experience counts for something and when you have it in plenty like Catahena Décor and Wedding Planners, there’s no question or doubt to whatever you do. With over a decade in events planning, decor, and photography, surely Catahena has mastered the art and craft of their works. But for now, let’s focus on their décor and in particular, one from Abbey and Lelia’s wedding.

For Abe and Lelia, Easter Sunday (21st April 2019) was no ordinary day. It’s the day the two walked down the aisle at Sunrise Bunga—Kawuku, where hundreds of invited guests gathered to witness the holy union of the two lovebirds.

According to the Catahena Décor and Wedding Planners, “Abbey and Lelia’s preferred choice of colours was gold and white in a garden theme. That’s why we had green along the aisle.”

“The couple were laid back people and open-minded, so working with them was easy. They held no wedding meetings.”

A gigantic tent that had been delivered three days prior to the wedding was raised and “floored, where 400 guests sat” to celebrate with Abbey and Lelia on their special day.

The decor was extremely impressive. You could literally see the green leaves and roses continue to blossom in their showstopping setup. For a garden theme, it was magnificent.

Asked on what’s more difficult to work with between indoor venues such as halls, conference rooms and tents, here is what they had to say.

“Tents are more expensive. They are very challenging as compared to the indoor venues. Flooring is often difficult and has to be done because of the often soft ground, you have to deal with the strong winds and it’s not easy keeping the white floor clean and free from stains.”

Abbey and Lelia's wedding decor via