God Answered My Prayers With Robert—Josephine

Josephine Kyomuhendo Kukyala via mikolo.com

By Robert K James

An unknown author once said that “love comes to those who still hope although they have been disappointed.” Although Josephine Kyomuhendo may have been disappointed in the past, she was willing to love again, at least to a certain extent, when she met Robert. She revealed to Mikolo that a dream of meeting her pastor, Wilson Bugembe of The Worship House, Nansana led her to the man of her dreams and soon to be life partner.

“For long I had wanted to meet Pr. Wilson Bugembe. So one day I was coming from The Worship House when I met him in the Church parking lot and we talked,” Josephine narrates.

“I told him of my longtime desire to meet him. So as we talked, he said I can always meet him and we talk, and that’s when he called Robert, his personal assistant—and that was the first time we met.”

Josephine, however, says that they “didn’t talk at all and its funny I forgot his name there and then.” She later started to work as a manager at the Church Canteen where Robert and other church staff had their lunch “so I used to serve them. Little did I know that Robert had fallen in love with me, and above all, he too had forgotten my name,” she recounts.

Like a man with an agenda, Robert embarked on a clandestine operation during which he visited the canteen every day to find out his heart captivator’s name. He would later learn from one of her friends that the girl who made his heart tremble is called Josephine.

“I remember I would just see him come and sit at the restaurant just to watch me but I didn’t care since I wasn’t interested in dating again.” Robert didn’t just relearn what her name was, he proceeded that with bringing Josephine sweets and fruits that she loved, under the informative guidance of her friends. “All I would see were these gifts from someone I rarely talk to,” she said.

“So one day he asked me out and we went for dinner. After eating, he said he had a question for me” which Josephine gave a green-light to be possed.

“Are you dating someone?” Robert asked before she expressed her curiosity as to why he wanted to know. “Just answer,” he said. “I told him I wasn’t dating anyone, not interested in dating and above all, I don’t want anyone in my life.” Sounds  a bit politely rude, right!!!!! But his response was a resounding “I LOVE YOU JOSEPHINE,” to which she responded with demoralizing “Hmmmm”. There was an awkward moment of silence in between there before they resumed to talk and later departed.

Like Jim Watkins once said, “a river cuts through a rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence”. Likewise, Robert didn’t let the rock “hmmmm” get the better of him. He persisted, confessing his love to her even when she gave him no promising response.

Josephine reminiscences that “it took me more than four months for me to start saying I love you too. I remember the day I said it, he made me say it ten times.” Even I would, just to be sure.

“So that’s how I got to meet the guy of my dreams. For long I had prayed to God to bring me someone who loves Him (God) more than he loves me and someone who loves me more than I love him. And that’s my Robert. He loves God so much and he loves me more than I love him. So, all in all, God answered my prayers with Robert.”

And as love and luck would have it, the youthful couple held their kukyala (first visit) on Saturday 30th March 2019 at Josephine’s parent’s home in Nansana.

Photo Credit: Imagix Studio

Josephine Kyomuhendo Kukyala via mikolo.com Josephine Kyomuhendo Kukyala via mikolo.com