Photos: Eunice and Isaac Get Hitched in a Beautiful Customary Wedding

Eunice and Issac Kwanjula via
Events Guru Photography

A successful wedding function is capped with a good and professional event photography that captures every moment and little details as they unfold on the big. Well, we happy to say that Events Guru Photography did a wonderful job when it came to capturing the lovely scenes from Eunice and Isaac’s introduction ceremony.

Eunice and Isaac got hitched in a beautiful customary wedding. The bride embraced her cultural heritage as she dressed in different exquisite traditional Kiganda attires (Gomesi) before capping off the day with a nice sleeveless floral changing dress.

Isaac on their hand also paid homage to his roots as he donned the Kanzu. Everything was spectacular and we can only wish the two lovebirds a blessed and blissful marriage.

Eunice and Issac Kwanjula via