I Had Gone To Buy Curtains—Kenneth Ntege & Phionah

Kyampaire Phionah and Lubwama Kenneth Kuhingira (Give Away) via Mikolo.com

By Joel Niwoogaba

L.M. Montgomery once said, “it’s delightful when your imaginations come true, isn’t it?” Indeed it’s a delight when one’s love imaginations come true. In 2014, Lubwama Kenneth Ntege started to have his love imaginations when he met Phionah Kyampaire.

“I met her at her workplace in Nakasero, I think around 2014,” Kenneth told Mikolo.

“I had gone to buy curtains from there for one of my sites,” he added.

Kenneth acknowledges that although it wasn’t “love at first sight”, a series of “interactions and moments” led from one to another before he would declare his heart intentions and desires. It took some good time before his imaginations became a reality. And perhaps, like many guys would testify, they may have dropped him that famous line of “I will think about it”.

“She took almost a whole year before giving me a green light,” Kenneth recounts about his love story with Phionah.

A flourishing relationship saw Kenneth overcome his nerves and met Phionah’s parents’ in his first visit (kukyala) before being officially acquainted to the rest of the family, relatives and friends on Saturday 31st/03/2018 at a successful kuhingira ceremony.

To Kenneth and Phionah, congratulations to you from Mikolo. We wish you a blessed marriage.




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Venue; Arsama Gardens Ruti Mbarara
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Photography; Alecpic Photography Mbarara
Designer; Blending Garments Kla Boulevard building RM B17
Cake; Muramuzi cakes.