How To Avoid Wedding Day Regret

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Cover Photo: Derrick & Irene on their wedding day

Like with everything, you may find yourself experiencing a touch of ‘buyer’s remorse’ or regret after your wedding day. Perhaps, looking back, there are a few things you would change or do differently if given another chance. If you are still in the wedding planning process, here’s what we recommend doing to avoid feeling regretful after the wedding.

Identify your priorities

Before embarking on wedding planning, sit down with your fiancé and discuss priorities. Every couple is different – for some, priority might remain with the catering while others may prioritise photography, entertainment or venue.

Keep to your budget

Once you have identified where your priorities lay, allocate a good amount of money to securing your favourite vendors when it comes to those particular items on the budget. This doesn’t mean blowing your budget completely – you should put more money toward elements of your wedding you place importance on while dialing back the budget for other elements.

To avoid buyer’s remorse and regret later down the track, we recommend using the our wedding planning tools to create, manage and stick to your budget.

Put effort into your guest list

Unfortunately, weddings can very quickly become bigger than Ben Hur. We recommend taking time when putting together your guest list. Think about whether your wedding budget (and venue!) has room for that many people, and only invite those who whole-heartedly support and celebrate your marriage. If you want an intimate wedding, have an intimate wedding!

Remember: You come first!

This goes without saying – your wedding day is yours and your fiance’s only! Book vendors that appeal to you, wear what you want, invite your closest family and friends, keep to your budget and include personal touches and you are guaranteed to create an event nobody will regret attending. It’s your celebration of love – enjoy it!




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