Must See!!! Photos From Kwezi’s Posh Kukyala

By Robert K James

As time goes by, society changes and traditions tend to evolve as well. This indeed has been the case with the traditional ceremony of the first visit, also locally known as Kukyala. It has gradually changed from being a small closed-door family event to a function of glamour.

And today, we bring you some photos from Kwezi’s posh kukyala. A classy choice of service providers who included 1608 Niche Designs for her décor and Dynamic Wedding Photography to capture her moments among others set the event on a course of inevitable success.

Given the unique taste of floral, the décor spoke volumes beyond class while Kwezi’s gomesi was a well-thought choice of elegant fashion and her general bridal look is one that kept us gazing for a moment.

Kwezi's kukyala - Mikolo



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