Photos: Tokendeeza, Geosteady Tells Prima At Their Classy Kukyala

Geosteady's Kukyala - Mikolo

By Robert K James

Every relationship goes through hard times. Many couples learn how to navigate through the choppy waters and sail on toward a bright future together. Others, however, hit a rough spot and stay stuck, wondering if they’ve suffered irreparable damage.

I’m completely sure that music star Geosteady aka George Kigozi can relate to the above statement given his relationship with longtime lover Ndagire, who commonly identifies as Prima Kardashi. The two have had their difficult times in the past but it’s fair to say that they seem to have navigated through the choppy waters.

In the final quarter of last year (2018), the ‘I’m into you’ hitmaker and his baby mama Prima reunited after a breakup that had threatened their future of being together. And about five months down the road, the duo have decided that they are better off together than apart.

‘Tokendeeza’ a title to one of his hit songs was the keyword Geosteady aka Blackman whispered in Prima’s ears on Saturday 26th January 2019 at their classy Kukyala ceremony (First visit).

The two already have a daughter known as Soraya. Meanwhile, Prima is also expecting their second born. As Mikolo, we can only say congratulations to you two and a big round of applause to Samiez Photography for capturing these intimate moments.

Geosteady & Prima's Kukyala



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