5 Things a Ugandan Brides Can Learn From The Biggest Weddings Of 2018

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The year 2018 will forever be remembered in the wedding industry. It came with lots of fascinating weddings all over the world. From the royal wedding of Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle to celebrities tying the knot, it will be remembered as a year of some of the most-talked-about weddings.

Former Miss World Priyanka Chopra and her American fiancé, Nick Jonas walked down the aisle in the first week of December while former American president George W Bush’s daughter Barbra Bush and her sweetheart Craig Coyne, a screenwriter wedded, not to mention our very own Hip-pop star GNL Zamba and his longtime girlfriend Mariam Tamar. In early October, Sharon Oyakhilome, daughter of famous Nigerian Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and her Ghanaian finance Phillip Frimpong tied the knot.

With the exception of Barbra Bush and Craig Coyne, each of these weddings definitely rocked the wedding space all over the world and we thought about how similar weddings from all over the world and Ugandan weddings are. Looking at these weddings, we picked out major real-life lessons that our Ugandan and African brides can totally learn from and relate to.

Hey, no need to hide

For these all these weddings, all the couples made known their relationship and intention to get married way before the wedding.  Like the norm is, Prince Harry made known his intention to tie the knot with Meghan through a family announcement earlier. With Priyanka and Nick, we were not taken by surprise as the couple let their fans all over the world know at what stage their relationship was. So, brides, you don’t have to hide but then if keeping it private works for you, like Andrew Kabuura and Flavia Tumusiime did, then by all means. Wink, wink @celebrities…

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry - Mikolo

Family first

We all know that weddings aren’t just about the bride and groom, they are more about the family. The coming together of both families irrespective of tribe, culture or race makes the ceremony even more special. In all these celebrity weddings, their families played an important role in the events of the wedding, from both sides of Priyanka and Nick participating in one of the ceremonies, it sure was a good way to involve the families. So, brides, let’s find a more possible way to involve the family even if it means comprising on a major wedding decision.

Embrace your culture

This we can say was so major. From all these weddings, with emphasis to Priyanka, we see how couples went all out with their culture. Of course, Indian wedding ceremonies are always a rich display of their culture with the number of events, it was so beautiful to see couples embrace their respective cultures. Even for Priyanka who was getting married to an American and not just any American but a fellow celebrity, she somehow found a way to incorporate her culture into her wedding while not forgetting her husband’s traditions.

Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas - MikoloPriyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas - Mikolo

Clean and subtle does it

Now, on the looks we noticed something similar with all the brides, they kept their makeup look as clean, simple and subtle. Let’s just say easy does it, not too loud or over the top but nice and easy. If there is anything that has been a major trend with bridal looks, is the “make me look just like me” even with makeup and not a total transformation to a whole new different person.

Simplicity is still a thing

For all the money they have, Barbra Bush and Craig Coyne could have had one of the most glamorous weddings ever recorded in history but the two lovebirds chose to go for something simple and nice. Their wedding ceremony was even closed to just family members. Can you imagine!!!! It was all about what the couple wanted but not what they could afford. Simplicity is still a thing and a thing of beauty.

Barbara Bush and Craig Coyne wedding on October 7, 2018.



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