5 Wedding Cake Tips You Need To Have In Mind

Cake Tasting Basics
You must not settle on a wedding cake or a baker without having a cake tasting session. Cake tasting allows you to truly find out your baker’s level of skill. You might have known long before you were engaged that you wanted a red velvet cake. But at the cake tasting session be open to trying out more flavours; a flavour that you had previously ruled out might surprise you. Make sure you take notes at each cake tasting just so that you can compare them later on if you would like to think over your decision a bit longer. But most importantly, do not go for cake tasting on an empty stomach. Your hunger pangs might lead you to believe that every single cake you taste is the best you have ever had! 

Manage your expectations
You have found the cake of your dreams. You saw it in a magazine or on a website and it was love at first sight! So you go to your baker with photos of this masterpiece for them to replicate. What you might not be aware of is the amount of Photoshop that has gone into making that cake look perfect. And in some cases, the cakes you see on magazines are made from Styrofoam which is easier to mould than a real cake; they were meant for a photoshoot and not to be eaten. So don’t expect the cake to look exactly as it does on the magazine or website. You can look forward to a cake that looks like the one in the magazine but not to the very last detail.

Match your style

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Your wedding cake will bask in the limelight of your reception. And it will definitely feature in your photos, so it should look fabulous. Think about your style as you settle on your wedding cake. Not just the colours but also the theme. Your wedding cake should also speak of your theme; be it the beach, African, rustic or whatever you are going for.

Plan For After The Wedding
You might have heard of the wedding tradition of saving the top tier until your first anniversary. As romantic as it sounds, this idea is not very practical. No matter how much effort you put into preserving your wedding cake, it will certainly lose some of its flavour and freshness with time. Consider saving it until your 1 month anniversary or at most for 3 months. Also plan, before the wedding day, on how the remainder of your cake will be handled after the wedding. You could ask someone you trust to store it in their fridge until you get back from honeymoon.

Cut the costs

Gorgeous cakes cost a pretty penny. And the more intricate the design the more it’s going to cost you. So you can either choose a simple design or you can order for a small cake with the intricate designs you desire and then have a sheet cake prepared as well. That way the cake that gets photographed looks stunning and there is still plenty of cake for everyone to have. Another option is to decorate your cake with real flowers. Flowers moulded using fondant are labour intensive and hence the baker would charge you more.



Real Weddings

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