Wedding Mishaps And How To Avoid Them

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The Mishap: Rain

Pretty much every bride’s nightmare involves rain on their wedding day. There is really nothing you can do to keep the rain from falling but you can keep it from ruining your wedding.

The Solution

If sunny skies are not on the forecast for your big day, you can prepare for a wedding in the rainy season by using tents such as dome tents and stretch tents which provide maximum cover while still looking gorgeous. For a wedding in the rainy season, stay clear of parasols (sometimes referred to as umbrella tents) and abhor tents as your guests could still end up getting soaked. You can also plan to have umbrellas on standby for the bride and bridal party; go for umbrellas in the wedding colours or a lovely elegant design.

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The Mishap: Less food

You have painstakingly selected the menu options for your wedding in a bid to treat and impress your guest. But if the food runs out, your guests will be talking…but for all the wrong reasons.

The Solution

To avoid sending your guests home on an empty stomach, request your caterer to provide a buffer of some extra plates just in case you have more guests than you had originally planned for. Better safe than sorry!

The Mishap: MIA Vendors

You are relying on your vendors to execute the dream for your wedding. But I don’t know what could be worse than your caterer or cake vendor not showing up on your big day and subsequently switching of their phones. It might be too late at that point to look for a plan B.

The Solution

Do not pay vendor fees in full. Leave a small percentage, perhaps 20 percent, to be paid to them on the wedding day. That way, they will still have some motivation to show up on the big day. You could also engage the services of a wedding planner or a day-of-wedding coordinator who would be in touch with the vendors prior to the wedding and even on the wedding day; ensuring that tents are setup the day before the wedding, confirming that the cake is ready prior to the wedding day and touching base with all the vendors on the days leading up to the wedding.



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