Remnants George & Fruitful Zoe Tie The Knot In Style

George wedsFruitful Zoe

By Robert K James

Once you meet the right person, a person that loves you right and a special someone that reciprocates the love you show them, then how long you’ve been dating won’t really matter. The idea of a lengthy courtship like often stressed as necessary will just be a myth. It is the mutual love between the two of you that will really matter more than anything. And if you’re remnants like George and Fruitful Zoe, then you will be certain that God is as well on your side.

It was a special day on Saturday 15th September as remnants Prince George Mugabo and Rhoda Fruitful Zoe Alyonyo tied the knot in a classic Prophet Elvis Mbonye Style.

According to the couple’s best man, Mwami Isaac, the remnants “met in March (2018) at Kyadondo Rugby grounds” during one of Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s evening prayer crusades.

In July, George asked for Zoe’s hand in marriage before being introduced to the bride’s family, relatives and loved ones on Saturday 28th of the same month in Lira town in what he (George) referred to as a “miraculous and glorious introduction ceremony”.

Nearly two months later, the two lovebirds exchanged vows in a Christian wedding ceremony that was presided over by Pastor Jack Barlow of Reigning in Life ministries and a spiritual son of Prophet Mbonye.

Since they are Remnants, they used Range Rovers for their bridal cars which clearly brings out the meaning of the statement “walking in the glorious footsteps of our father” Prophet Elvis Mbonye who is known for driving around a range rover.

Opening up about the roadmap to their wedding day, this is what George shared in a testimony;

“The God of our father prophet Elvis surprised us with a stress-free, beautiful heavenly planned wedding beyond measure and imagination, not forgetting I haven’t been working for seven months, no savings and no income!

A week after the intro (28 July 2018) we went ahead and set Mondays as the day for the wedding meeting which many were not happy about; anyhow we went on with the meetings and held about 5 meetings which raised about 2.5millions and yet budget was 42millions

By faith, we found a place we desired for our reception and that was ‘’THE LAWNS lower Kololo’’ at a tune of 15milllions, we printed the invitation cards as soon possible without paying a penny’ though their rules say you have to pay 50% booking and balance is paid 3days to the main function

As 15 September approached no money yet’ the emails and Whatsapp messages informing me that the function was cancelled started flowing in from the ‘’THE LAWNS’’ manager but I wasn’t moved by the bad news all I had was to hold on to the prophetic utterance of 5th December 2017 where the Spirit of the Lord spoke unto us through our father Prophet Elvis that; ‘’ours is to dream, His is to perform and that we will never be put to shame’’  then my only reply to the manager was he the function will take place and would thank me later and it came to pass

Prior to 15 September, we had paid 1.7million meaning the balance was 13,300,000/= on 14th September the day before the D-day I received 2million from a relative at around 10:00pm which made it a total 3.7millions but still the management wouldn’t do anything with such amount! A turn around happens how I don’t know that the committee was given full access to the premises at 2:00pm and started organizing the reception and by 5:30pm the everything was ready as we arrived and had a heavenly organized function that left us in awe of how much this Grace can do; if only we take a step of faith and engage it.”

Beloved am happily married how I don’t know!

George also reveals in that around July 11th 2017, Zoe (now his wife) “was picked up with the entire family by the unmatched prophet of our generation Prophet Elvis Mbonye and given a word of prophecy concerning her marital and career status and a year later she’s enjoying the new marriage life.”

“Beloved I can only credit this glorious and heavenly wedding against all odds to the Grace upon our father Prophet Elvis Mbonye. I and my beautiful wife therefore accord honor upon double honor to my father Prophet Elvis Mbonye and we above all accord Praise, worship and adoration to the God of my father Prophet Elvis Mbonye for enlarging the tent of my dwelling, the place of my habitation and making our souls Glad.”




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