10 Things Courtship Period Is All About


Courtship is the period between when intending couples are preparing for marriage and when they eventually get married. This is the real time of preparation if you desire a solid foundation, and so must not be played with.

Time to pray: There is no better time to pray and learn what prayer styles or ways will work in your marriage than the time of courtship. Pray about everything – your spiritual life, wedding ceremony, vision, pregnancy, childbirth, child rearing, school your children will attend, job, etc.

Time to unlearn: This is the time where adjustment starts. Drop all those wrong ideas and characters that will not take your relationship anywhere, but will rather do more harm than good.

Time to learn: It is a period of increasing in knowledge. Do not pretend, learn everything you need for yourself, your partner and on how to build a solid home. The day you stop learning, you start dying. When you learn, you grow. So, give yourself to learning.

Time to relearn: You must know that you and your to-be are from different background with a different perspective to life, in lieu of this, you must be ready to relearn. This will help you have a better understanding and good world view about each other and situations. If this is not done, misunderstanding is inevitable.

Time for vision alignment and goal harmonization: Courtship period is a period of checking to know if you can really walk and work together in order to fulfill purpose. So, you must know individual’s goal and vision to see where the line will meet. You must know whether the line is a parallel one that will never meet or it has a point of intersection. This is very important to know if you can move on or pause, rethink and seek counsel.

Time to prove: When vision and goals can’t be harmonized, then, you must prove what you are doing. Is God really in it? Is it true love or just mere feelings? Can this pass through the test of time, distance, etc? You need God to help you prove this without hurting yourselves and missing out of His plans for you.

Time to wait: True love waits. It is LUST that wants it now. Sex is for the married, so in courtship; it’s a forbidden fruit for you to eat or indulge in what is called ORAL SEX or other act of sex some singles engage in thinking at least they are not having sex and can’t get pregnant. Consider what God is saying and don’t destroy your glorious destiny on a platter of some minutes unwholesome pleasure.

Time to know: YES! It is a time to know yourselves but not having each other’s carnal knowledge. Get to meet your families during this time, meet with your Pastors and make sure you meet with your Mentors. All these people will have something to tell you that will help in building you up solidly. Remember in the multitude of Counselors, there is safety.

Time to prepare and earn: It is a time of all round preparation because if you don’t prepare well during courtship for a glorious marriage, you will have many things to repair in marriage. Remember, marriage is a journey that succeeds on the fuel of preparation. A marriage you fail to adequately prepare for, you may not enjoy.

It is also a time to earn – make money, mature money, manage money and maximize money. Also, make sure you save money.

Time to fight: Strange you may say but it is the truth. Don’t pretend in courtship. It is a time to fight in love and fight fair. Disagree to agree. Don’t be a YES partner, the reality is everything can never be YES. When neither of you is a ROBOT. Even a good friendship has its own fair share of misunderstanding, let alone a Courtship leading to marriage. Here you can learn how you want to be fighting in your marriage. Is it in love or fight to scatter? It helps to learn the act of forgiveness in marriage.

The aforementioned are the major times you go through during courtship and if well harnessed, excellent and blissful, marriage is not far from you



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