I Met Him At University—Love Tales of Evelyne & William

Evelyne's Kukyala

By Robert K James

Once you find love, you can’t let go. Once you find a heartbeat like your own. Wherever it leads you, you must go. –sang Warren Barfield

Well, George William Eliau found love in Tukamusaba Evelyne and that love, that heartbeat led him to Najjera, on the outskirts of Kampala City. For Evelyne, she hadn’t just fallen in love, she was in love with a keeper.

Evelyne intimates to Mikolo that she “met William at Makerere when he was doing his Master’s degree.” At the time, she was pursuing her Bachelors’ degree in Public Administration and Management.

One date led to another, and many others led to years of dating before William asked to come home. It was quite intimate as a few close friends and family members gathered in Najjera at Evelyne’s parents’ home. William was coming home. But before she could step out, like a woman with many skills, Evelyne first did her own décor for the day. And guess what, it was magnificent.

On a beautiful Saturday (June, 23rd), the clocks were striking 2:00 pm in the afternoon when William and his small entourage set foot in Najjera for his first visit/Kukyala. To Eve’s parents, it was such a joyous moment for their daughter had finally found a man with good intentions.

To William & Evelyne, congratulations from us all at Mikolo. We wish you a wonderful love journey.

Photography by: Balam HD Studios

Hair & Makeup by: Victor Christian

Décor by: Tukamusaba Evelyne



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