Eid Edition: Hasan And Leila’s Super Fab Introduction Party

Hasan And Leilas Super Fab Introduction Party

Asalam Aleikum to all our Muslim brethren.

Congratulations to all of you for making it to the end of the holy period. We hope the most merciful and almighty Allah grants all your requests and hearts’ desires.

As we wrap up the journey,  we would like to present to you this very lovely Muslim couple. Hasan and Leila.  One glance at them together and you will certainly fall in love.

What was really striking about this pair, you ask?

First things first, they are really good looking people. And both of them in one picture flushing smiles is a double dose.

Then the apparel.

Leila was in this lovely peach lace mushanana with peach embroiled florals which were accentuated with delicate stones and beads sprinkled all over. It also had that unique element of blue velvet at the bosom area. The idea of peach and blue is unusual, but it still looked smashing! Then the bead detail on the head was charming. She was a goddess. She later changed into a purple gomesi and a gold sharia.

On the other hand, Hassan was in a deep blue blazer over a white kanzu topped with a deep blue hat. He later threw on a black and white Rwandese garb. Then closed off in a suave blue suit.

Happy marriage Hassan and Leila,

Team Mikolo.




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