He Got My Number From My Boda Guy! Joy & David’s Amazing Love Story

Sometimes our destinies are written in the stars. How we meet is up to the universe to decide. And most times, we find love in the places we least expect. Take a case of Joy and David.

Her- How did you really get my phone number?
Him- From your boda guy’s phone.
Her- Hold up, how did this all happen?
Him- He asked if I could help install his WhatsApp that was faulty. There and then,  I seized the opportunity!
Her- How long ago was this?
Him- Early 2016
Her- Getting more amazed, so what was your plan
Him- To meet your parents, Today 2.6.18.

And just like that, their life stories were restructured.

Joy recently took David home for the maiden visit dubbed the Kukyala. It was undoubtedly a very colorful do. From the décor, to the very, mark the word, very beautiful bride Joy. Just like her name, she lit up the occasion with her fab choice of apparel and the brilliant smile she kept all throughout the ceremony.   David on the other hand kept it all calm and composed. Supposedly not believing this is really happening. But there’s was a day filled with merry and lots of mirth!

Congratulations Joy and David. May your love last longer than the sun



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