The Uganda-Kenya Collabo: Irene Introduces Oliver

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Love novels always give us this perception of love. To many, it’s just a fantasy that only remains tucked away in the pages of these books.  And we think that way till we meet that person. Or till we experience the power of love. That power that numbs feet and makes us fly without wings. The force that does not see distance and country borders.

Irene recently introduced her Kenyan fiancée to her parents. The function itself was a total delight. The way they were fusing different traditions was amazing. A little Uganda here, a sprinkle of Kenyan there. Lovely. But you know what was more amazing. Sues dress. The gomesi was fab! The creamed and embroiled red florals and sash were quite a spectacle. The accessories on point! But I would like to skip right away to the changing dress! This one over here was a show stopper!

Hers was a half mermaid dress with amazing tulle raffles at the end. From the way it properly hugged and accentuated her body, this was made to fit. A reason why as an upcoming bride, it’s better to have a tailored dress.

And awesome photography by Storyline Pictures was the icing on the cake!

Congratulations Irene and Olivia, we look forward to more lovely moments from you.



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