Jose Chameleone Pens Emotional Anniversary Message to Daniella

On this day exactly 10 years ego, Jose chameleone walked his long time girlfriend Daniella Atim. Indeed in a magnificent ceremony, Jose Chameleon used a chopper to go to Biina church while Daniella was in a convoy of seven mercedes benz cars. When the two were done with the exchanging of vows they used the helicopter to Kampala Serena Hotel which was the venue for the reception.

Chameleone had this to say on his facebook page:

Today me and Daniella celebrate 10 Years in marriage since 7th | June 2008 we flew helicopters in showcase!!!!!!!! Mama Abba thanks for accepting me the way I am. I am human and nothing beyond that. God has blessed us abundantly that even my mistake with yours have been lessons for us to grow and celebrate. Many things have changed amidst the way but one thing for sure that never changes is the I love you. Thanks for the beautiful children that we all live up to. We have to go down on our knees and thank God for that. No matter the tides we have always forgiven each other and moved on. We have served a very good example to our children and society. Never stop loving, teaching and reaching out for me. I want to remarry you my Love. God bless us with more years so we prove them that love is the answer – I LOVE you my dear. They will never know how we do it!! I can’t ask for more than your Love.

Joseph aka Tata Abba #Legend

Please let’s celebrate with you. God over devil!!!




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