Signs You Should Propose ASAP

Whether you’ve been with your partner forever or a short period of time, you may start asking yourself: “Should I propose?” There are certain signs that it’s time to pop the question—some are pretty obvious; others are a bit subtler.

1. You speak in “we” vs. “I”

It may seem like a small grammatical change, but it’s actually huge. You see you and your partner as a unit, not just as individuals—and that’s an important step toward marriage.

2. You either live together or spend so much time together you might as well

If you can stand all of your partner’s potentially annoying habits day in and day out, chances are marriage is in your future.

3. You’ve talked about starting a family together

Wondering “should I propose?” The “should we have kids” discussion is pretty key.

4. You love the idea of sharing a last name

You and your partner may have talked about having the same last name—that’s a sign that you’re both comfortable with the idea of marriage and the traditions that may come with it. Of course, a shared last name is not a requirement—but if you and your partner are into it, it’s definitely a move toward getting hitched.

5. Your family calls your S.O. more than you

If your family loves your partner, it’s a great sign of a successful in-law relationship (and if they haven’t met yet, get on it!).

6. You know their schedule better than they do

The fact that you care about your partner’s whereabouts is certainly important.

Melvin Proposes To Cynthia.

7. You always consult each other before making big plans

You care about each other’s opinion, and want to spend as much time together as possible.

8. They’re always the first person you go to with good or bad news

A big part of a successful marriage is feeling comfortable discussing all types of subjects with your partner. If you’re asking yourself “should I propose?” think about if you’d feel comfortable discussing personal and sensitive topics with your partner. If the answer is yes, it’s a sign of a good match.

9. You know to DVR their favourite show if they’re running late at work

Knowing your partner’s likes and dislikes, and doing small tasks to make him or her happy is what true love is all about!

10. You could easily guess the passwords to their Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest

Maybe don’t actually try this, but it’s another sign of how well you know your partner.

11. You know exactly what will push their buttons

Arguments and disagreements are a part of even the strongest relationships. Knowing what will tick your partner off—and what will make him or her feel better—means that you are in tune with your partner’s personality.

Urban TV’s MC Casmir Proposes To His Longtime Lover

12. You celebrate the holidays together

The fact that you and your partner want to spend happy times together means that the answer to the “should I propose” question is probably yes!

13. Run-of-the-mill activities like grocery shopping are 10x more fun with them

If your partner can make even the lamest situations awesome (hello, DMV line!), you’re in it to win it.

14. You’ve seen them at their very worst and love them anyway

A long and healthy marriage is sure to have its ups—and definitely its down. If you’ve supported your partner during difficult times such as an illness, job issues, or family drama, it means that you’re well-suited for wedded bliss.

15. You know exactly what style engagement ring you’re going to buy them

If you’ve already started researching engagement rings, it’s clear that you’re ready to propose.

16. Their friends have become your friends

Marriage isn’t just about having a great relationship with your partner. It’s also about developing good rapports with their loved ones. If you’ve already checked off that box, you’re in great shape!

17. They’re the only person that can cheer you up when you’re having a bad day

Your partner knows how to make you happy no matter what—you’re clearly meant to be!

FUFA Boss Eng Moses Magogo Proposes To Dellah

Gasana's Surprise Engagement Dinner!

18. You’ve discussed at length what kind of pet you want and what you’ll name it

As we all know, having a pet is just like having a child. If you’re ready to start a family together (furry or otherwise), that’s major.

19. You’ve finally figured out how to be in the same room when your favourite teams play each other

While you don’t have to agree on your sports loyalties, you at least understand each other’s passions.

20. You can spend hours in a car with them and never get bored

Again, it’s all about loving each other, whether you’re relaxing on a beach or stuck in a car together for 10 hours.

21. You truly can’t picture your life without them

In the end, this is the sign that matters most.



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