Six-colour Themed Decorations From Sharon’s Introduction Ceremony  

For long, we had been taught, led and to some extent compelled to believe that the best artistic compositions are ones that don’t exceed three colours. Whether that’s a natural rule/principle of art or something crafted by the early artists, we don’t know for sure.

But one thing is certain, more than three colour artistic compositions such as event decorations can be great and sometimes exceptionally great if worked on by somebody that understands art.

To prove that fact, we bring you the six-colour themed decorations from Sharon’s introduction ceremony. Mulberry, plum, violet, purple, lilac and lime galore were the colours blended at Sharon Batambuze’s customary wedding/kwanjula that went down recently in Mukono District. The alluring decorations were done by 1608 Niche Designs.

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Salma Sandra's Nikka via mikolo