Fireworks In The City! Twaha Proposes To Rukia In Style!

By Joy Lydia Apolot

We often use the word fire woks as a metaphor. To describe epic scenes or paint pictures of perfect moments. “It was all just fireworks.” We chant loosely. But what if it is real. For the ladies, take a moment and drift away. Imagine him on one knee with a ring in hand and after he pops the proverbial big question and you said yes, then fireworks! No, not just the word real fireworks! Like those we camp to see in the night on New Year’s Eve, those ones. It’s a dream, right?

Well this was just one of those dreams come true, Twaha proposed to Rukia and after lit up the Kampala skies with a gallant fireworks display! After which, he treated all the friends and everyone in presence to a dinner in a very swanky location laid to the nines by 1068 Niche Designs. Just one of the best décor houses in Uganda!

It was all merry and emotional, a reason why camera flickers just couldn’t stop! Every instant was breathtaking! Can I say “awwww”. Congratulations to Rukia and Twaha. Until then, this remains the best proposal of 2018!

If it still feels unbelievable, see for yourself here.

Décor by: 1608 Niche Designs




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