“Kwanjula” Is Not For Christians – Bishop Mbuga

Bishop Isaiah Mbuga of Christ Heart Ministries International has during a Q&A online session said “Kwanjula” is not required as part of a Church wedding.

His remarks came after a believer asked: “Is it right for couples to wed in church before introduction?”

Yes, Bishop Isaiah said, actually, when you become born again, these things of introduction have no connection.

Traditional marriage, commonly known as “Kwanjula” meaning (introduction/customary wedding) is a cultural practice among different ethnic communities in Uganda. The introduction ceremony is also locally known as Kuhingira among the Banyankore, Kweranga/Kujuga among the Batoro, Okwandula among the Basog and Gushaba among the Banyarwanda community

Across the different ethnicities in Uganda, “Kwanjula” takes place when an intending husband is officially introduced to the future in-laws and the community at large. The ceremony is taken as the official marriage and after the suitor is accepted, he can take his bride home with him as a wife.

Like the norm is, the greater majority of Christians preparing for marriage have organised this event and then ushered their families to a Church wedding.

“We just do them because we want, but it is not required as part of a Church wedding – What you call an introduction is a traditional wedding. If you are not a traditionalist, you do not need a traditional wedding,” Bishop Isaiah said.

Bishop Isaiah advised Christian couples intending to marry to simply visit each other’s parents “over a cup of tea” which among the Baganda is called “Kukyala” (first visit) and talk to them about their plan of exchanging marriage vows in church.

“Take your spouse, let them meet your dad and mom – and that will be solved. Why are you holding meetings to fundraise for an introduction, then you blow the money away in three (3) hours – what are you trying to prove?

“I don’t believe as Christians, we are called to do things that way. We are supposed to be different. And difference my mean, you go to church and have your wedding blessed, and you don’t have to do an introduction

“So you decide, whether you are a Christian who believes in traditions or one who believes in the Bible. If it is in the Bible you go visit, and after that go to church and they wed you – and don’t do a traditional wedding. It is not necessary,” the Bishop said.

Traditional marriages, according to reports, are usually seen as a way of giving honor to the parents of the Bride, paying bride price plus dowery, and at the same time, a moment to celebrate and jubilate with the new couple. It is tradition that the ceremony to be held at the bride’s parent’s home. A lot of activity takes place in preparation for the ceremony.

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