Just in: Catherine Kusasiras Introduction Tremors Luwero Town!

Just in, Luwero is on fire.

Catherine Kusasiras parent’s courtyard is bustling with activity. The home has been decorated by the finest and with the finest pieces the industry has to offer. An indomitable motorcade graces the vicinity. Two celebrated Ugandan artists Catherine Kusasira and Fred Serugga are getting married.

People have gathered in from near and far.  Others to celebrate the union while others just to have a glimpse at the two celebrities getting married and all those in attendance.

And when it comes to the dressing, everyone is looking sharp! (Well all the invited guests are.) But none surpasses the groom and his entourage. The bride is yet to come out but all is going butter smooth at the moment. Here are a few peaks at what is happening in Luwero at the moment.



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