Flavia Twikirize On Winning In The Bridal Business

By Joy Lydia Mercedes

As a business owner in the bridal business, it’s always challenging to have constant sales. Mostly, they are seasonal. Because weddings and events, as a whole subset, tend to happen in huge numbers at the end of the year yet bills have to get paid throughout the year. Even worse, is when you are not among the lot that sells in the busy section of the year.  When we talked to Flavia; the CEO of Flashy Bridals about the challenges, she shared a number of ideas on how to she manages to keep being top up there in this trade..

Customer’s choice is final

It is okay to guide a customer on fabric, and the general know-how of skin complexion visa vie the colour et al. But you shouldn’t decide for them. Let them pick a gown that speaks to them. Give them the liberty to select accessories that make their blood gush to their heart in ecstacy. When in your shop,  your customer should feel free. They should feel like they have a sense of authority over style and fashion. And indeed, there is no such thing as distaste. Whatever they choose is their taste, and it is good taste because they feel good in it. Not because of your feelings as a seller. This, however, should not be lee way for you to conjure fashion catastrophes at people’s weddings. Guide your client into selecting the best within their taste and they will bring more people to your shop.

Be Nice.

The key selling tool in bridal business is word of mouth. If a customer comes to your place and feels any tinge of disrespect, or malice, or undermining, they will tell the next prospect the same. Or they will just move on to the next shop. So even with the frustration of not having made any sale for a week, even with the knowledge that some people come and make you dislodge your stock and check through and try on many of your gowns and don’t buy, be nice. Be willing to walk the extra mile. That person you are treating nice even when you know they won’t buy will ecstatically tell 50 people about your good customer care.

Take Proper Identification

When renting out, take original documents. Not photocopies. Most clothes cost way more than the documents they leave with you as security so close all the loopholes. Take things that are as or more valuable than the dress or bridal item you are renting out


Always try as much as you can to be the one with the lowest discounts. Discounts that look like a loss are always attractive because the customers feel like you are doing too much for free. You make up for the discounts by creating a package where you make-up for the discount you gave on the gown or the front selling product of your shop.

Have good stuff.

Trends, in every scope of business, are the sole determinants of sales. People always buy what is trending. So don’t buy clothes to fill up your stock space. Instead, buy only the nice stuff. Let your shop be full of the best quality. Don’t allow for mediocrity to creep up on you.



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