Wedding Bells! Celebrated Singer Ali Kiba Is Leaving The Bachelors Club!

Even the best dancer at some point, leaves the dance floor. So goes the saying.

We are definitely noticing seismic changes in celebrity vile. Recently we witnessed the king of Bongo Flava  singer Ay getting cuffed,  and this weekend we get to celebrate yet another renown singer Ali Kiba as he puts a ring on the one that has currently stolen his heart,  Amina Khalef.

Ali kiba And Amina area said to have been dating for close to two years now and have successfully managed to keep their relationship out of the lime line. The happy pair with joy announced that they and they are sealing the deal on the 19th of this month in Mombasa. And after head back to Tanzania where they are rumored to be organizing a multimillion reception. Way to Go Ali Kiba.  We wish you all the best.



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