Asiimwe Fridah: I Wanted To Get Married At 23 But Had To Wait Till I Was 37

I this morning woke up to an interesting but courageous post in one of the famous pages on Facebook. It was made by Assimwe Fridah, narrating the story of her life in a bid to give courage to those that waiting for marriage.

Fridah is a graduate of Kampala International University and in 2015 she founded Altash Helping Hands & Concierge services Ltd. where she serves as executive director to date. Let’s not go far with Fridah’s personality because what brings her into the lim lights today is her message of hope for those searching for the love of their lives and we will quote her verbatim

Hello ladies, I have always wanted to share my testimony with you and may be someone can be encouraged by it.

I am 37 years and like any other young lady, I wanted to get married at 23. I knew by that I would have completed my first degree, get married, have my first child, pursue my Masters and have more two kids. Well, that was my plan but it wasn’t God’s plans. I completed my first degree, second but there was no husband. I wanted to settle down because I never wanted to sin sexually and I wanted to keep my body for my future husband. Years passed and there was no serious man and started getting worried that what if no serious man ever comes but I continued praying and trusting God.

I read the book “Lady in waiting and becoming God’s best while waiting”. I decided to trust, pursue my career as I serve Him in my waiting. I told Him (God) to take the key of my heart and only give it to the right man He predestined for me because I did not want to readily give my heart away. I never thought that I would wait till 37yrs and yes there were challenges but the Grace was sufficient. 

So if you may be in the same shoes I was in, do not fret; trust God and do what is right. If you delight in God, He will surely grant you the desires of your heart.

I trusted God and delighted in Him and He surely granted me the desires of my heart by bringing me a good man and we wedded in January this year.

I know that many of us are waiting on things. From the prayer requests, I know that you all have something you are waiting on God for! Some of you may receive your miracles instantly, while for some, it could take weeks, months or even years.

I just pray that from the moment you make your requests to God, He will give you strength, faith and patience to hold on to His promises! Get a word in the Bible that promises what it is you are waiting for and meditate on it. Just hold on to the promise. I pray for the grace for you, to stay faithful to Him while waiting. Usually, when God makes us wait, He has a bigger plan for you and molds you into something. I pray that His plan and purpose for you will not be defeated, but He will build your character. But at the end of the day, I pray and agree with you that whatever it is you await, God will do for you; according to His will. That is my prayer for you! Stay faithful! God bless you all.



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