Yes…. Age Isn’t Just A Number

When I was young I used to think that I will reach a particular age where I will have it all figured out but Up to now, there’re things that I can’t clearly get about people so at a point I quit finding answers.

Now there is this one thing I don’t get, why do people guard their actual age like their bank account balance? Apart from the president, his reason for hiding his age is  “valid”. So what if you haven’t accomplished what society expects your age group to accomplish. There is something about lying about your age, you may end up believing the lie yourself. Maybe the reminder of how old you are is the push you need to go after all that you haven’t accomplished yet. Your age is a reminder of beautiful memories as well as mistakes God has enabled you to witness, many haven’t made it half your age, what a way to show your gratitude (hiding your age)…

At the beginning of this year, I came up with this saving scheme for several things. I noticed saving separately is the easiest and comfortable way of having things done. So I just kept on depositing this money thinking I will inquire about my balance when the time comes. Now some days I was just so lazy about the saving. My imagination was I had already saved as much as I needed to, so I skipped some days. Luckily someone talked me into going ahead to inquire about my balance so that I would know how far I had gone on my targets so I went ahead, to my surprise I was quite behind my target savings. The moral lesson in this is, your age should be a cause for self-reflection and evaluation. I know death isn’t an ideal topic for any day but truth is that someday you will be gone “What piece of you do you want the world to remember most and then after have you lived the part?  “Is it your good vibes? Have you been in the lives of your loved ones enough that they will mark you irreplaceable? Have been so high on life that you made yourself believe its a blessing? Are you the best your profession would ever ask for? What legacy do you want to leave?

We love to make ourselves feel comfortable. The assumption most people have is all the people who have made it in life are older than them, so they keep on saying I will make it at 25, 40 name it. OK let me say so and so made it at 30 and you are 25 and clearly they are in line with your dreams and mission of life what makes you think 5 years will avail you with a lifetime to accomplish your dreams. Have your own reality check moments but don’t forget to have your own definition of success. It may not be fame or material related, it may even not be society’s “success”.

Every time you look up above at the people of your age group who have accomplished much more than u have ever dreamed of, let it stimulate the right level of competition, not jealousy but always remember to look down at those that are below you in your age group so that you can recollect gratitude.

Life is a blessing regardless of how your life turns out and acknowledging your age is one of those ways to show that you consider it one. Most importantly your age has never been a limitation from anything you want to accomplish, those limitations the society tags on certain age groups they are called assumptions (work for some but not all ). Sara in the bible gave birth at what age……. Never chose to be a quitter so erase all kinds of limitation society attaches to age.

This month has always been special, my blog will be making one year and luckily I will be growing older too inshallah and am one person that says my age after my name. Am high on life So August is very humbled that you are finally here.


Nabatanzi Feewaiba



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