He Was So Humble, I Had Never Seen A Man Like That! Gloria And Allans Love Story.

By Joy Lydia Apolot

Photo credit: Wako Photography

I was scrolling randomly on the internet and Alas, I land on such immense beauty. These pictures, in particular, spoke to me. They told me much more about love than I ever knew. It was photos of Gloria and Allan’s lovely wedding. Now getting to these two was the hard paper. But lady luck smiled at me, I knew the photographer. And he was just a call away! I dial his line with so much enthusiasm. I don’t remember having any credit on that phone. But Certainly, where there’s a will, there is a way. Within minutes, I was talking to Gloria! There on phone, she runs me through the amazing ‘Atugonza’ tale.

Gloria and Allan met at Kyankwanzi training school. When they met, It didn’t strike each of them that they would someday vow to spend the rest of their lives under the sun together. They talked nonchalantly as friends be. They met more often as friends and somewhere somehow, butterflies were flying all over and the chemical reactions had also started balancing.

“He was selfless, humble, and down to earth. He also was the most loving man I had ever met. I couldn’t ask for more.” She remises.

The date was 7 October 2016 and it was a calm day. Gloria was celebrating her birthday. It didn’t have any hype whatsoever pegged to it. It was only clothed with joy because it was the special day she “escaped the womb.”  Unbeknownst to her, it was also the day her life was going to change forever. And as the calm day grew old,  Allan went down on one knee and popped the proverbial ‘big question’.

“Will you marry me?”

“At that point, it was all unexpected but I was more than ready!” she retorts. If there was anything she knew, is that he is the one she wanted to spend all the days of her life with.

Shortly after, they were planning the maiden visit. Preparations to go meet her parents kicked off. There were series of preparations of course, but at the end, the traditional marriage was a success! With ease, Grace was given a way to Allan who still couldn’t believe it was happening.

Mr atugonza did not only stop at that. He also went ahead and walked her down the aisle. It was beauty to behold however, she(Gloria)  wasn’t amazed with the decor service providers who used yellow instead of gold for the theme. Otherwise, it was all roses and violets.

To all the young boys and girls fearing to walk down this road, Do not stress much she said. You do not need a lot of money. I hate it when a woman says she is still waiting for a man to get money before they can get married! It is just an excuse! If you are serious it doesn’t even take but 3 months to save and get money for at least your gown. The wedding is about the two of you. You do not have to be extravagant. What matters is the vows. You can even just have dinner after.

To Mr. Allan Atugonza,

“I love you to the moon and back and all I pray for you is that the good Lord should bless and continue protecting you. I love you.”

Yours forever, Atugonza Gloria Nanyombi.

Team Mikolo loves you too Gloria and Allan. Congratulations!



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