Catherine Kusasiira and Fred Serugga On Their Multi-Million Wedding.

To many, she is known as a band music star for her famous track “Enkola Ya Taxi” but make no mistake, Catherine Kusasira is also known for her appealing unique tone of voice that spoors sweet love ballads with albums like Sanyusa Mutima, Kankusinze, Kambasalize, Mapeesa. However, for long, fans and followers have not been aware of the source of her inspiration or where these sweet rhythms were directed. And for that reason, she has been tagged to various men but all these were apparently baseless assumptions. The singer finally paraded her muse. In their wedding launch at hotel African last week.

The lucky one is Fred Seruga. The two singers belong to Ugandan local band, Golden Band, and have been together in an on-and-off relationship for over twelve years. The lovebirds had planned to wed in 2015, but the wedding did not take place that year due to misunderstandings that took serious tolls on their relationship.

In this accord, they have since been throwing angry darts at each other whenever one outs a song. But what God says yes to, no one can really put asunder. During the course of their back and forth, they mended their differences and are now planning to walk down the aisle come April 20, 2018.

Word on the street also has it that the wedding is estimated to cost a whopping 100 million Ugx!

We can’t wait for Catherine and Fred, we just can’t wait.



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