Looking Plastic Is So On! Interview With Celebrity Makeup Artist Nahya

To those of you reading this and probably hearing  the name Nahya for the first time, lets run you through a brief bio about this girl called Nahya. Naiya is the proprietor and CEO of Nahya makeup studio. A household name in makeup industry here in Uganda. When mentioning forces to reckon with in this trade, hers  will never miss the radar, because the young beautiful lass is gifted. She has also bagged many prestigious awards because of this. We met up with her and she shared her awesomeness with us. Marvel  on,

So who is Nahya?  

I am a 25 year old Moslem girl. I studied and graduated from Makerere University with a bachelors degree in tourism.

Wait a minute; did you say you are 25?

Yes, I am. We laugh.

You have been around for a while, how comes you are just 25! Talk the truth Nahya.

More laughter; I stated out while still at campus. Actually as early as my first year. It was 2014 and I was about 21 then. Does that make sense now?

“Yes it does.”

So what led you into makeup artistry owing to the fact that you studied tourism?

For starters. I am an artist. And I studied it all through my high school. But I had a special penchant for makeup. When in school (high school) I always helped girls shape their eye brows for free. And I was always the girl who had lip balm on me. Everyone knew me for that! She smiles.

Nahya, what have been your highlights in this trade?

Well, I like that fact that I keep getting bigger and better. Starting out I only had a makeup  kit to my name. A briefcase office actually. I was always got on call. But now, I have a home of my own ( the studio where we held  the interview. Amazing spot)

I have also managed to build a brand and work with big names in music. The likes of Lydia Jazmine,Irene Namubiru,Leila, Sayshay from Nigeria, Victoria Kimani from Kenya , Angella Katatumba among others.

I was also nominated and won an award (ASFAS) in 2015 just after one year of being in the business. And this category boosted of Uganda’s finest. People I respected and still respect. I am really glad.

Any challenges?

On Ya. This business is funny. People want to look good but they do not believe that make up is something to pay fortunes for.

Then there are those days when you make someone up and they don’t like how they look after. Then you have to go through it all over again!

Then social media pirates! They steal work from your page and go masquerading that it is theirs. It’s annoying! You put in the work and someone comes and takes all the credit for it. It’s so unprofessional!

Then keeping up with the name created. It takes a lot of ambition. There’s no room for mediocrity. There’s no turn back option. So I have to put in lots of hard work to maintain the name.

What Ugandan artist haven’t you worked with but would love to?

Juliana Kanyomozi.

So what’s trending in makeup today?

Glossy lips, yes, shiny lips with lip gloss.

“And the two shades?”

“That’s so 2016 dear!” We giggle.

Then popping shades and contouring that is highly exaggerated. Looking almost plastic.

Why would someone choose Nahya over any other makeup artists?

My makeup is subtle but beautiful. Doesn’t change ones appearance, it only enhances it.

Any advice to people who want to join this kind of business?

Do lots of research, do lots of practice, watch tutorials, put in the time and be consistent. Beginnings are never easy but keep pressing on, one day, your light will shine.

Nahya makeup studio is located on kingsgate mall kabalagala room 14.
Facebook: Nahya MakeupStudio Or Nahya Shero.
Instagram: Nahya_Glam_




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