I am Actually A Teacher By Training: One On One With Flavia, CEO Flashy Bridals

It’s on rare occasions that we meet jacks of many trades who are masters to all. We recently got a chance to meet the gorgeous Flavia, CEO of Flashy Bridals and also a seasoned events planner. We managed to pick her brain on various issues about the trade and we landed on some shocking revelations that totally knocked us off our feet.  Don’t get scared, here is a one on one with Flavia about love, passion and career.

So who is Flavia?

I am a graduate of Makerere University, I studied education.

Education and bridal fashion are two different things, how did you get here?

I know, we laugh. Well, I am not new in this field. I started with events. I was working for my sister then who owned an events company. I often helped out and that way I got to learn so much about this trade. Unfortunately, my sister went abroad and the business closed. I couldn’t run the business alone after she left so I went back home and rendered myself unemployed. But as luck had it, I got a job at then Gtv.

“Was it the sports TV that closed” I cut in,

“Yes, that one.” She retorts.

I worked as a customer care representative until the company got its shortcoming and also closed. It wasn’t a good time in life. I got various job offers but the compensation (money) was way too little for me to inject my effort.

Then it occurred to me since I had experience, why don’t I join this wedding thing. So I gave this events thing another shot. This time I named it exceptional events. It basically dealt in décor. I did a few functions for friends and they actually liked my work.

Turning point.

In 2011 I decided to get myself some office space. It was on Bombo road. So I set up shop there. Right below my office was Andrew. He too was into events. In one way or the other, we shared, we helped each other. And before we knew it, there were butterflies, chemistry. Shortly we got married and started leaving together. It made no sense having different offices, so we merged.

His company now becoming my own. With the heavy workload he was dealing with, I lay down my tools and joined him. It became a merger of sorts. Hand in hand, we worked together.

So where and how did flashy Bridals come in?

Well, it was after my introduction. Because I pay lots of attention to detail, I just didn’t want anything for me or my entourage. So I bought the fabrics and made custom dresses for my team and I. But you know how bridal things are, you can’t recycle. So I started lending them out. And guess what. Friend after friend and boom! I was getting orders for dresses! And just like that flashy bridals was born.

Seems you only deal in traditional, do you have anything else?

Oh yes, she gets up and shows me an array of amazing gowns and changing dresses.

So do you only do specific tribes in Uganda or you do all?

Well, the clientele here is amazing. Most people from east and north do not like to hire. They buy. That’s why you see nothing here from other regions but I do all Uganda. Even the Indian saris.

So do you buy already made or you make?

For the gowns, they come already made. All I do is send in the designs and they come already made when I import. For traditional, I buy the fabric and make it.

Where do you get this fabric?

It’s most times imported.

Why not support Uganda?

Some specific fashions require a specific fabric that at times cannot be got in Uganda. But I also buy a lot of Ugandan Fabric especially for traditional wear.

Any highlights in the trade?

Most end of the year is amazing! At the end of the year is when most people get married and trust me, there’s no better time to do business than that time. If you came in December all these shelves are empty.

Any challenges?

Clients that spoil. Then those that over bargain YET they want the best. Payment problems.

Where do you see Flashy Bridals in 5 years to come?

Five years are too many! In about two or three years, flashy is going to be a household name in bridal. Just wait and see.

Flashy Bridals is found on MM plaza, Nakasero. This is some of her work.



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