Amazing Dress Hacks For The Plus Size Bride.

If there is anything that ladies get wrong about wedding dresses is the styles. We all have that picture of the perfect bride arched up in our brain caches. You want to look like this particular bride who looked stunning in that half dress. Her curves being perfectly accentuated by the garment. And damn you want something like that. But problem is body shapes vary. And you are a plus size!

Here’s the truth: Not every bride-to-be can be or even aspires to be a size 0 on her wedding day. But for those of us who celebrate (and flaunt!) our gorgeous real girl curves, buying a designer plus sized wedding dress can be a little complicated. Not every bridal shop has them lying around. Accept a few like Penny bold who cater for every delicate size.

What dress types fit the plus size?

Plus size is generally characterized by plenty. So it’s better to wear a dress with sleeves just to ensure no bulging most especially at the upper arms.

Sleeve dresses also help conceal extra cellulite or stretch marks if any.

If you are plus size and don’t have the ‘lady B’ curves, it’s healthier to play it safe by wearing a ball shaped gown. This will definitely draw attention away from your body shape and give you this wonderful princess look.

Also due to the pressure from the bosom, avoid the half dress. Most times it might look good in the fitting room but might not guarantee your comfort all through the day.(A day you need comfort most)

If you are that hour glass body shape, then you can go on and rock the mermaid gown.

No matter your style, here are a handful of pretty plus size wedding dresses you’ll love to try.



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