He And My Aunt Were Neighbours—Mildred Bahemuka & Dr. Byaruhanga

By Robert K James

Photography by: RAC Studios

The mystery of what lies beyond our own surrounding is what amplifies our love for adventure, tour and travel, but even that doesn’t rival the love for our families or those in the inner circle. A couple of years ago, the love for an aunt sent an innocent youthful girl, Mildred Bahemuka packing for a visit. Little did she know that this visit would be the birth of friendship and a bond of a lifetime between her and her now husband Dr. Byaruhanga JB…..well, we managed to catch up with Mildred.

Relive it for us, how did the two of you meet?

We met at his home while I was visiting my aunt. He and my aunt were neighbours. We became friends and a year after he asked if I would mind being his girlfriend, I told him it was OK because I was so single. Eight months later, he proposed….and here we are….married.

With wedding plans already set in motion, Mildred on December 30th, 2017 officially acquainted her painkiller to the rest of the world, family and relatives in a successful kuhingira that went down in Rukingiri.

Some brides often say their partner wasn’t involved enough when it came to the DIY part. How was it for you with your hubby?

He was so much involved, in fact, he helped me 99% then the rest was my part.

Was there any point during your planning process when you felt stressed and everything was seemingly too much for you to deal with?

Of course, but prayer, friends, and family were always there for me.

What makes the wedding day special?

Oh!!! What makes that day special is the hope and faith that you have from the start that everything will be and must be amazing for you; it’s what you believe, and self-confidence. As for the D-day, you don’t have to act less or more because someone is seeing you, just be yourself and do as you please, do whatever you do like you just two people and don’t see who is seeing you…for example dancing from the entrance… The hugs don’t stop, the jazz and everything will be amazing.

Like a patient injected with morphine, JB was so delighted and deep in love that he couldn’t wait to return the favour. A fortnight later, Dr. Byarunga walked Mildred down the aisle at St Charles Rwanga Parish in Ibanda District, Western Uganda on and 13th January 2018.

What advice do you have for the brides-to-be?

Patience, trust one another and support each other as well, without forgetting God first in everything.

Service Providers:

Gown by Anita Beryl Qouture-BQ
Changing dress, maids dresses, flower gals and matrons’ dresses by Fayth Atuhaire of  Fayth Fashions
Photography by Rwakoma Eric




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