‘Dubbing’ Your Way Into Marriage: Hellen & Isaacs’ Fun Filled Kwanjula Album

In our lifetimes we meet lots of people. The good. The bad. the bold. The timid. The wise. The arrogant. The ugly. The dull. The calm. The Aggressive. The Kind.  The evil. The sweet.  The Ambitious. The cowards.  The cold. The sweet.  And Damn the social media trolls.

But in the zillions of people in the world, there is that special one meant for you. Your final squeeze and you just can’t wait to announce to the world that you have finally found your muse.

On this day, we present to you this fine,( mark the word fine) pair Isaac and Hellen. They recently held their introduction ceremony which was filled with all the love and beauty this would have to behold. Watch as their beautiful love story unfold sin these beautiful shots by PhotoArtistik. Love away…..



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