Beauty Meets Perfection: Kishis’ Fabulous Nikka Setup

Where should we start exactly? Should we go with beauty or perfection? Apparently, this is like a multiplication question either way, we get to Rome! But how does one deal with so much goodness! (*sob sob*) Okay here we go.

Kishi entrusted the mighty SUKI-The-Out-Fit-Destination to decorate her event, the results. Splendid!  The chaps at suki as for what they are known for, never left any stone unturned. They worked the event and by the time they were done, the room was a paradise Oozing of Pure enchantment!

Let’s start with the table tops and themes. SUKI is often guilty of breaking this rule.  But what is creativity anyway if we can’t break the rules? This is where this team’s ‘A’ game lies, the ability to mix colors and still bring out the beauty of the event. In this specific occasion, it was a fusion of black and white theme with an elegant floral, gold and white touch. The walkways, high table, table tops had a dash of all these aspects. You now must be wondering how this is even possible! Well stop there, look at this and appreciate;

Now meet the awesome couple,

Kishi rocked a white lace dress with soft tulle sleeves topped with a tiara. Amazing! (Oh hail the queen!) And then the King on the other hand looked duper in a pink blazer, white shirt and black trousers.

So much love and beauty all paraded here! High five to suki and the lovely couple. We want to be like the both of you when we grow up hihi.



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Salma Sandra's Nikka via mikolo