Two Worlds Come Together In A Stunning Customary Wedding—Maart & John

Photography by: Creativity World Events

On Thursday 15th February 2018, two worlds from extreme ends came together as Maart, born in the Netherlands introduced John in a stunning customary wedding at Adonai Guesthouse in Muyenga, Kampala.

John, a medical practitioner born in Ntungamo, Western Uganda revealed to us that the two met in February 2011 when Maart had visited Uganda for her medical internship studies.

“Maart and I meet on 14th February 2011 but it was just an exchange of greetings. Later on, we got acquainted with each other and started real dating in late March,” John recounted.

“She was here for her internship so in August 2011, she went back to Netherlands before returning in December for Christmas and we became more serious……” I don’t think she came back for Christmas, I think she came back for you during Christmas, I joke before John and his brother, who also doubled as the best man on the big day break into laughter.

“And since then, it’s been a long distance relationship for all those years, so you can imagine how serious we are. In fact, yesterday (referring to Wednesday/Valentine’s Day) we made seven years since we saw each other and here we are today, making things official,” a delightful John remarked.

In our brief but rich conversation, the groom intimated to us that during that time, he managed to visit Maart’s home in Holland while the bride’s parents and their daughter also visited his folks in Ntungamo for an acquaintance meeting.

The joyous event was attended by about 100 guests from both the bride and groom’s side. The two lovebirds were two days later wedded at St Augustine’s church, Makerere on Saturday 17th after which they hosted their invitees to a glamorous reception at Ndere Cultural Center in Ntinda.

So what next after this all; are you going to Netherlands to experience the snow or Maart is staying in Uganda to enjoy the sunshine?

“Actually we still going to be living apart for some time because I’m still doing some more studies here and she is also undertaking extra studies back home,” said John.

Well, from us all at Mikolo Uganda Wedding Community, we wish the couple happy marriage.



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Venue: Adonai Guesthouse, Muyenga—off Lubbobbo Close

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Photography & Videography: Creativity World Events

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