Make up To Die For! Ashas Splendid Kwanjula Face Beat.

Makeup by: Alpher makeup and veils

Is it just us or these Muslima sisters just pay more attention to detail?

Of recent, we have been on a makeup review and our Muslima sisters are for sure taking a lead on this.

The bride of focus today is Asha. Asha was ravishing at her recently concluded introduction ceremony. With just one look, you would surely appreciate the art and the wielder of such artistry. You will also notice that no loose ends were left hanging. Every element was specially tended to. From the well-trimmed and concealed eyebrow, the mascara, eyeliner, matching foundation, duo lipstick, lash extensions and the contouring. All on ‘Fick!’

The work was then supplemented and polished by the awesome Watsonphotography .We could keep going on and on, but let’s not spoil this for you, see and appreciate yourself.




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