Love Birthed: Frank And Joans Amazing ‘Kwanjula’ Photo Gallery

What would you do if you are officially granted the permission to be with your long time heartthrob? All the days of your life under the sky? Knowing you will wake up to them every morning. The assurance that you will get home to loving arms after the days hustle and bustle. Knowing that there is someone out there who you love and in equal quantities love you back. And most importantly letting the whole world know that he/she is finally yours!

Francis and Jane officially got the ‘keys’ on their splendor filed introduction ceremony recently in Bunamwaya. From set up of the event, you would tell that it took a series of preparation putting this all together, but thankfully, it all came to pass. The day was amazing. Every aspect being followed to the book. And most outstandingly, The two had now become one.

Francis and Joan,

We wish you more days of mirth and merry in this journey, congratulations. We look forward to more awesome stories from you! #teamMikolo.



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Salma Sandra's Nikka via mikolo