Ladies, Press for Progress

Looking through my Facebook new feeds on 8 march reminded me of days like valentine,mothers day, fathers day and many more of that kind and I couldn’t help but think that there is a lot of misconception that surrounds these days. Nothing will ever level up to consistency,you will spoil her for one day with all those well prepared meals,well written posts ,gifts but none of the treats will equate to that one or few things that you do everyday to make her know that you recognize and appreciate her contribution in your life.

I often shut down like am taking notes of some kind whenever am trying to listen and understand(simultaneously) people who think differently from me . When looking for a wife Isa wanted a woman who was educated,had a well paying job,religious and if not moslem one who would be ready to convert to Islam, beautiful ,oh boy the list was endless but never the less she meant Sharon that ticked most of his boxes and he married her. Having a conversation with Isa few months after his wedding he wanted Sharon to quit her job because he believes that working women tend to be very boss and went on and on with all things she wanted Sharon to stop, now that she is finally his wife. Honey more than fronting your own selfish interests the worlds needs you to support the dreams and ambitions of  your spouses.More than celebrating women’s day we need more men who are going to brighten the light for their spouses  because besides  being your wife the world needs the doctor,the engineer in her and above all your children the boys need to know what to look for in a woman and your girls need a role model from their own roof .

The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.

What’s so different about 8 march that makes it special for a man to fix the meals(and proudly) as opposed to the other days of the year where your boys would make fun of you. During my daily routine work I tend to be very chatty(reasons why will be for another day), so one of the ladies was sharing with me how her responsibility of being a mother,wife,and employee affects her day differently. She wakes at 4am every day to prepare her kids for school ,travel from Seeta to Entebbe for work in the morning and travel back dozing in the Taxi only to reach home at 10pm ,prepare food and juice and sleep at midnight everyday(not forgetting her matrimonial duties i guess). What most of these ladies want in return is to feel appreciated every day. There is always that one thing/few things that you can help with  at home other than being the “big baby”.

Celebrating fellow women means embracing each other regardless of our differences before you show the world that you celebrate fellow women look at your circle of friends. Is there diversity in character within them?

We need more women who are going to be unapologetically themselves without justifying their stories to seek public acceptance.The success,victories,the imperfections,the pain,the joy,the losses they  are all  part of the your journey embrace them all because while doing that you will never have an idea of how many other women you will be inspiring to be themselves  .  To all the women out there i pray that you journey as a woman will continue to be one that will  always  make you feel  fulfilled.To all the men that support women during their struggles honeys you have a special corner in heaven with air conditioners and free WI-FI Access Ameen.And the world will surely return the favor through your daughters.

Happy women’s day(belated)

Nabatanzi Feewaiba



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