When Is it Okay For The Lady To Propose?

Is it right for a woman to propose?

Recently, we all witnessed a lady, in her heels, looking sharp make up, dress ‘on flick’ flanked by a bevy, who we do not know how they could all be so opens to such a ludicrous venture. But yes, as her ‘bae’ come down the escalators at the mall, there she was, a ring in hand, hoards staring and  friends flashing the will you marry me scribbled placards. Lady x then went down on one knee and popped the big question, will you marry me? Trust me; there has never been a longer minute than that when gent x said no and majestically strolled out of the mall like the gentleman that he was.

We well understand that this era has brought about seismic changes in this whole love and relationships thing. Women taking the lead on bills, taking men out, shopping and what not. But there are principles that are gold. Lines that should never be crossed. No, not even if your bank account breaks the weighing scales. This is a big NO! Yes, read with caps.

But Why not, he has taken long anyway?

You see, there is something about the male ego. A default setting instilled in all male –kind whether poor rich, thin, fat, this is a constant. Men like to be in charge. Taking on such decisions sores his ego. It paints him as weak and no man ever wants to be seen in such a position. So sister, go fight this delay battle on your knees. Pray. We serve a listening and miracle working Goddoo!

Second, what if he says no, which they usually do? And no, the ground won’t swallow you. Life shall go on. But do you know how many “stones” would have been lost in the ordeal? The embarrassment! Well time heals wounds. But sure the scars remain and the scars are not things that go easy, actually most never go away. You will always be that woman who proposed to a man and he said no! Can you imagine?(In a campus girls tone).And the digital era has even  made it worse, your story will be safely stored on the internet shelves for reference purposes.

So let this sound corny as per now, but ladies, let us leave the issues of the generals to the generals. The man shall propose. If God wills it. Spend your time looking for your muse and not the ring. Gods timing is always the best.

“Women should never propose!”



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