Because I Stand With Girls

I haven’t really thought about what motherhood would  be like  for me. How many children I would love to give life to ,which sex I would prefer among others. After seeing women give life and some giving the very best they can to their children, I always pray that Allah blesses the fruits of their womb. I don’t have a young sister nor an older one but I have always thought about what I would share with all the young girls or my daughters and not only my biological ones but all those that God will enable me to raise

Love,marriage and parenthood are beautiful things and worth looking forward to but somehow I feel society has narrowed the true meaning of life to the 3 aspects. Some women even limit their ambitions or postponed their dreams to when they find spouses because society believes women who are so accomplished don’t make good wives. Fate has got different destination for us all ,so what if love ,marriage and parenthood are not one of them ? “ For years you stay loyal to a cheater,bringing out his potential only for a woman he met after to reap the benefits of the faithful man you taught him how to be because you were more of his mother than his woman” Ebrahim Aseem Don’t leave your whole life looking for MR right because if he is out there he will find you chasing your dreams. There is more to life.

Keep your jealousy in check. To feel jealous is natural but to let it control you is very un womanly.
It’s good to challenge yourself to  become better but if your jealousy makes you want to ruin other people’s happiness you need to work on it. Jealousy begins by destroying others but it destroys you more in return .Look at people around you who like making other people’s lives hell, Are they happy? It’s like spitting in the sky; it may fall back into your face.

Real girls work for the things they believe they deserve. Some women act like they were told as they were growing up all they required in life is to be beautiful and all the goodness will follow them. It’s not like am saying it’s a bad thing to be given but to expect to be provided for all the time is where the problem comes from. Women buy their own cars, own their own commercial buildings, own their own businesses among others but not by cheer luck but by working towards them and it doesn’t make them less of women. Don’t go claiming for a promotion at work only because u are a woman. Are u educated enough for the position, How is your work ethics, among others. Work for the things you believe you deserve

Whatever God will bestowal upon you in life he has given even more to others so be humble. One of my friends once shared with me a story about a client of hers that was so kind to her and the people she used to work with and her salary was also for an average Ugandan. On her wedding she invited her colleagues at work to her home because that’s where the reception was .After the wedding majority of the females colleagues stopped talking to her because they wouldn’t recover from the shock of how luxurious her home was alt least none had an idea of how wealthy her husband was because of her humble nature. People don’t go putting their car keys on their forehead .You may be showing off to the people who are way better than you.

It may seem repetitive but patience is virtue. We have all got our time the problem is we can never tell when it will be. You cant rush God’s plans for you ,you can only ask him for the grace to show you that his plans are better than your dreams. This reminds of a person who is 26 of age but told me if she clocks 27 without getting married she is going to settle for the married guy she has been dating. I always wonder why we make life decision like its a matter of buying a new shoe. Patience does pain but it pays you have got to have faith. After all it doesn’t help to be impatient
Let your self love be infectious that  people will fall in love with you just by seeing you love yourself. No one will ever have your back like you do. There will be time even your immediate family or friends wont, so invest in self love you will need it.

Never leave your life wanting to be like everybody. Just by being you and selling your personality brand you are inspiring some other people who have found it hard being themselves. You have got one life make it count.

Kind Regards
Nabatanzi Feewaiba



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