Seven Huge Mistakes Men Make That Scare Women Away

A lot of men are unlucky with women, not because women despise them, but because certain acts they put scare women away. A lot of men unknowingly put up acts that scare women away, and once she becomes wary of you, it becomes an uphill task winning her heart from then onward. So what do men do that can scare a woman away?

Being in a hurry to start a relationship

I see a lot of men do this and God knows how scary this could be to a lot of women. It’s scary to meet a lady today and by tomorrow you are preaching love and relationship; it doesn’t always work that way in most women, and this could scare her away. Are you feeling somehow? Don’t worry, you are not alone cos have done it before too but now you know, so work on it.

Talking about your ex

This is another act some men pull up that makes me scream whyyyyyyyy. No woman wants to hear stories about your ex, especially if all you have are just sad stories to tell. Whether she dumped you, or she was the best ever girlfriend to you, talks about exes doesn’t make women feel comfortable.

Being stingy

Truth be told, no woman likes a stingy man; the moment she notices that you are the kind of man who’s selfish and stingy, she would get irritated of being with you. Not that she’s after your money or she’s money conscious, no — selfish and stingy men are just a turn off.

You push for sex too soon

Some men just don’t know how to control their urge for sex. It’s unfair to a lady to meet her and try to bed her or make such advances towards her soon after meeting her. A lot of men show that it’s just the sex for them right from the onset, and these kinds of men scare women away.

Being overly possessive

It’s scary (very scary) to women when a man starts showing his over-possessive attributes from the very onset or even before the relationship starts proper. Being the clingy and possessive man would definitely scare her away. Women are scared of men who are possessive and clingy; showing it from the onset might just scare her away. Calling too frequently and being unnecessarily jealous are some of those signs that scare women away.

Being here and there

Women like men who are straight forward; men who know what they want and go for it. When you are there for her today and tomorrow you are nowhere to be found then she would have mixed feelings about you, which would most likely tilt to her being scared of having a relationship with you. She wants to be sure that you know what you want.


Timidity is another trait that turns women off, and that’s why the timid men are mostly unlucky with women. She wants you to be sure of yourself, to believe in yourself and have that charisma. When you lack these strong characters, she would most likely not give you the required attention you were expecting. So many characters men exhibit put women off; being a talkative is also another example. There is no unlucky man when it comes to women; it mostly boils down to the acts you have been exhibiting.



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