She Didn’t Notice Me Until We Met Again—John Wavamuno & Freda Matua

By Robert K James

Photography by: Play Motions

Like a snake bite, love too has to the ability to strike one in just a matter of seconds. Sometimes it catches you by surprise. However, for most guys, there is always that one girl in society that you wish would notice you but they either don’t get it (like see it) or don’t give a damn about you.

Psychologically uncomfortable as that maybe, that’s what John Wavamuno presumably had to endure when he and Freda Matua first met at University. It may not have been something he dwelled on, but surely, it must have hit his mind occasionally from time to time.

“We met at university but she didn’t notice me until we met again for post grad studies,” Wavamuno recounts on when it all started for him and Freda.

Like a candle waiting to be lit, it wasn’t long after that the two were madly in love with each before deciding to take things to the next level. Four days to Valentine’s Day, on Saturday 10th February, 2018, Wavamuno and his entourage traveled to Aura in West Nile where he was introduced by Freda in a successful and glamorous event.

When asked what he loves most about his partner, John had this to say;

“What I love most about Freda is that she has my back. In short she is my ride or die chick.” To John and Freda, Congratulations from Mikolo Wedding Community and we wish you the best in your life together as one.

Play Motions traveled the distance and captured some moments for us.




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