Domestic violence has much to do with inferiority complex.

I haven’t witnessed domestic violence near me or among my close family and friends but taken keen interest in people who come out openly to share their experience about it. Since childhood standing up for myself always comes easy i know how to claim my space not until there are blows involved i hate the thought, the act of people hurting themselves physically .I will be your backup gal not until i have to save u in a fight that i literally can’t do unless i have police with me.The thought of domestic violence always hits me hard none of the reason that is given by the participates adds up and most importantly someone one can lose a life, but all for what?

Domestic violence  has much to do with inferiority complex . When humans  feel like they cant raise to your level they feel the need to pull you down to theirs. Boss you are allowed to raise your standards,go ahead and chase a woman or a man that isn’t in your league  and sometimes you will be lucky that there is something about you that they may  find intriguing and in return come running to you BUT when that happens please and please get ready of your insecurities  .Be tidy don’t put your insecurities all over(in your relationship) doesn’t feel the need to became controlling in order to feel worthy or feed your ego ,if you feel you cant get over the fact that your spouse’s very educated go back to school don’t have fights with him or her only to appear at work all covered up for the wrong reasons. In that way you will be building walls

Only accept the baggage u can carry and don’t let anybody talk you into doing otherwise. Its okay to say i don’t date beautiful people because i cant manage the thought of competition other than slapping her or him for every gaze they get from the opposite sex,its okay to not date celebrities because you cant handle competing with their fans please and please don’t be the spouse that dims the light of our celebrity we love them more when they are happy,  u being violent wont make u famous either .

Now there are  people that claim they have got all the “right”reasons to be violent .The good news is that there is no such thing so cut that crap, lets see, you caught him or her cheating and you took matters in your hands went ahead to cut his d..k or poured acid on her face ,or broke everything in her house wow how clever. Nigga was that supposed to make you feel  better ?Even if she made you father kids that were not yours,okay my worst case scenario,  you discovered he stole your money?. There is always a way to work all that out however impossible it seems.Violence says much about us than the victims .People who talk people into staying in violent relationships what reasons do you always give them?

There is something African culture always tarnishes about about seeking professional help. If you ever discover that you are always that person that hurts the people you love physical honey dnt feel shy about seeking help . Its my prayer that Allah keeps me as well as everybody that is reading  far away from being part of  violent relationships and for those already in them i pray that Allah may make a way for you.

Don’t forget we rise by up lifting others. Let’s say no to domestic violence

Kind Regards
Nabatanzi Feewaiba



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